3D Printing

The next step in computing has finally arrived for the home user - for less than £2000 you can "print" out your own 3-Dimensional objects at home.

The Ultimaker has a build area of 230 x 225 x 205 mm (9 x 8.8 x 8 inches approximately)

It can produce a Layer Resolution of up to 20 microns (0.02 mm)

Based on January 2014 exchange rates, the Ultimaker 2 costs £1580 ex-VAT (£ 1896 including VAT).

The Ultimaker Original is available in Kit form for your to build at a cost of £995 ex VAT.

The raw material is 2.85 mm thick and comes in 0.75 kg reels. It uses PLA or ABS.

The PLA is currently available in the following colours:

Ultimate Blue, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Pearl White, Green, Bronze, White, Translucent Blue, Black, Red, Transparent, Blue, Silver Metallic, Silver Grey, Translucent Green, Flexible Black, Flexible White

The ABS is currently available in:

Red, Black and White

Based on January 2014 exchange rates, each reel costs £26.50 ex VAT.


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